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General interest
Web siteDescription
logo IPCS FAQ pages Information on all aspects of playing-cards of interest to collectors, researchers and games players, edited by Christian De Ryck.
logo Card Games John McLeod's web site giving rules of card games from around the world, and links to other sites about card games.
logo Playing-card Tax Stamps An authoritative guide to sources of information on tax stamps, compiled by Peter Endebrock

Playing-Card Societies
Web siteDescription
logo International Playing-Card Society Worldwide association of people interested in all aspects of playing-cards.
logo 52 plus Joker American society for playing-card collectors.
logo L'Accart French Association of Collectors of Playing-Cards and Tarots.
logo Talon Austrian and Hungarian Playing-Card Society.
logo Bube Dame König German Playing-Card Society
logo English Playing-Card Society Society for collectors and students of English playing-cards.
logo Asociación Argentina Coleccionistas de Naipes Society for collectors and students of Argentine playing-cards.
logo Australian Playing Card Collectors Society Society for playing-card collectors in Australia.
logo Melbourne Playing Card Collectors Inc. Society for playing-card collectors in Australia.
logo ASESCOIN Spanish Playing Card Collectors Society
logo Club Sběratelů Hracích Karet The Club of Playing-Card Collectors has been working in the Czech Republic since 2011.
logo Российское Карточное Общество The Russian Playing Card Society (RPCS) since 2015 joins collectors of playing cards in Russia and abroad.

More information, addresses and contacts can be found in the FAQ section.

Museums, Institutes and Organisations
Web siteDescription
logo Musée Français de la Carte à Jouer Web site of the playing-card museum at Issy-les-Moulineaux, near Paris.
logo Deutsches Spielkartenmuseum Playing-card museum at Leinfelden-Echterdingen, near Stuttgart, Germany
logo Spielkartenmuseum Altenburg Playing-card museum in the castle at Altenburg, near Leipzig, Germany
logo Nationaal Museum van de Speelkaart Belgian National Playing-Card Museum at Turnhout
logo Arabako Fournier Karta Museoa / Museo Fournier de Naipes de Álava Fournier Playing-Card Museum, Vitoria, Spain
logo Spielkartenmuseum Jean Dieudonné Jean Dieudonné Playing-Card Museum at Grevenmacher, Luxembourg
logo Institut für Spielforschung und Spielpädagogik Based at the Mozarteum in Salzburg, this institute publishes the journal "Homo Ludens".
logo Museum and Archive of Games The web site of this museum at the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada includes a section on playing-cards.
logo The Worshipful Company of Makers of Playing Cards Web site of the City of London trade guild for playing-card makers, founded in 1628.

More information, addresses and contacts can be found in the FAQ section.

IPCS members' home pages
NameWeb siteDescription
logo Alex Presman A collection of solitaire games and guides. The games can be played on-line.
logo Christian de Ryck A small playing-cards collection. It will enhance later on pattern and some miscellaneous pages. PDF files with photographies of conventions and meetings are available there.
logo Dan artofplay.comArt of Play Art of Play has been founded in 2013 as a subsidiary of Dan and Dave Industries, Inc. Publisher and distributor of playing cards by US Playing Card Co., Dan&Dave, Theory11, etc.
logo David Parlett Includes pages on Skat, historical card games, and original card games including the well-known game of Ninety-Nine.
logo Edi Brum Hobbies, including playing-cards collecting, and links
logo Hans Jørgen Hinrup Sparfire og Spillekort: a collection from Danmark.
logo Jánoska Antal Playing-card Collection.
logo Jean Darquenne Cartorama: Dealer in playing-cards. Free valuation service.
logo John Sings Dealer in old playing-cards and games.
logo Joop Muller and Miriam van Houten Displays decks from their collection. Joop also maintains the Dutch site
logo Klaus-Jürgen Schultz Old playing-cards from my collection, publications and playing cards for trade or swap.
logo Nick Arden Thomas Nick Thomas playing-card collection with standard antique.
logo Paul Bostock This website celebrates an iconic design, the standard playing card. Over 800 packs shown in the galleries illustrate the variety and history of standard cards, and are intended as a reference for fellow collectors and admirers of cards.
logo Peter Endebrock Pages on cards from Hannover, Tax stamps, Playing-card societies, publications, and images of cards from Peter Endebrock's collection.
logo Steve Shedden Ivory Graphics: UK supplier of custom playing-cards with personalised backs and/or faces.
logo Yasha Beresiner InterCol London: Dealer in playing-cards, books, prints and ephemera. Free valuation service.

IPCS members are invited to let us know if you would like your home page listed here, or to suggest other links that should be included on this page.

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