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Suit System:G
Recommended Name:  Regensburg pattern.


The Regensburg pattern, like the Tyrol patterns [IPCS #45] and [IPCS #46] and the Bavarian patterns [IPCS #54] and [IPCS #55], is a direct descendant of the Old Bavarian pattern [IPCS #53]. According to the present knowledge, printing and usage was restricted to the city and the region of Regensburg. The oldest evidence, a woodcut model, is dated 1770, the latest example is from c.1870. After that, this regional standard pattern ceases to exist, it is superseded by the Bavarian pattern.

At the time of its development, the city of Regensburg is the seat of the "Perpetual Imperial Diet" and still independent, i. e. she is not subject to Bavarian reign. On the right bank of the river Donau, connected to Regensburg by the old "Steinerne Brücke" (Stone Bridge), is Stadt-am-Hof, belonging to Bavaria. From this city, many cardmakers are known.

Characteristic features

As opposed to the characteristic regional new features of the Tyrol and the Bavarian patterns, the character of the Old Bavarian pattern is preserved in the Regensburg pattern for a long time. The principal differences to this direct ancestor are five cards:

The only King to wear a real crown is the King of Hearts. On the Six of Hearts (in the latest example the Six of Acorns), the crowned lion holds a coat of arms. In the complete examples, those are the coat of arms of Thurn-und-Taxis, Regensburg, Stadt-am-Hof, and Bavaria.


36 cards with German suit-signs: Daus, King, Ober, Unter, numerals 10 to 6.

Some makers

"I.S.B.", anonymous, c.1770;

Joseph Pachmayer (or Bachmayer, Bachmeyer), Regensburg, c.1810;

Caspar Baronsee, Regensburg, c.1825;

Johann Georg Scheidl, Stadt-am-Hof, c.1840;

Johann Michael Haslinger, Straubing and Regensburg, c.1870

Some References

Manfred Hausler: Das Regensburger Bild, in: Das Blatt No. 16, Dec. 1997;

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Regensburg Pattern

Illustration of Regensburg pattern (gif 600 x 772)
Upper Row: c.1770, "I.S.B.", anonymous, (Stadt-am-Hof?)
Middle Row: c.1855, J. G. Scheidl, Stadt-am-Hof, printing block by Paul Scheidl, c.1800
Bottom Row: c. 1870, J. M. Haslinger, Straubing and Regensburg (since 1875)

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