The International Playing-Card Society was founded in 1972
to bring together people, from the five continents,
who have a common interest in the collecting of playing cards and card games,

IPCS        IPCS

The Playing-card

to share research and knowledge

The organisers have requested bookings are
completed by 31 st July so in...


Benefits of Membership

Four Issues of The Playing-card The IPCS has been publishing its flagship magazine since 1972.

Archive - we maintain digital copies over 50 years worth of Back Issues

The IPCS hosts an annual Convention working closely with the local Society in that Country

The great experience of being with people who share your interests and forging friendships that last a lifetime.

The IPCS maintains a discussion forum for questions and answers

The IPCS maintains a stock of physical back issues of The Playing-card along with other IPCS Publications

Scenes from previous Conventions and Meetings