Ann Smith Children’s games, cards and juvenilia from 1740s to 1950s. E-mail:
Adam Wintle The World of Playing Cards – Established 1996.
Alex Presman A collection of solitaire games and guides. The games can be played on-line.
Christian de Ryck A small playing-cards collection. It will enhance later on pattern and some miscellaneous pages. PDF files with photographies of conventions and meetings are available there.
Art of Play Dan Art of Play has been founded in 2013 as a subsidiary of Dan and Dave Industries, Inc. Publisher and distributor of playing cards by US Playing Card Co., Dan&Dave, Theory11, etc.Address: 4698 Alvarado Canyon Rd. Suite P. 92120 San Diego, California United States E-mail: Web:
David Parlett Includes pages on Skat, historical card games, and original card games including the well-known game of Ninety-Nine. E-mail:
Elettra Deganello Genoese tarot, playing cards and more.
Gimet Laurent The Whist markers museum.
Hans Jørgen Hinrup Sparfire og Spillekort: a collection from Danmark.
Jean Darquenne Deals in superior antique cards and paper ephemera by mail order and produces a well-illustrated catalogue in German and English at regular intervals. Free valuation service.Address: Oberdorf 23 D-37308 Krombach Germany Tel: +49-36082 48200 Fax: +49-36082 48201 E-mail: Web:
John Sings Dealers in Antique Playing Cards and Card Games.P O Box 29 Norfolk NR28 9NQ England Tel: +44 1 692 650 496 E-mail:
Joop Muller and Miriam van Houten Displays decks from their collection. Joop also maintains the Dutch site
Klaus-Jürgen Schultz Old playing-cards from my collection, publications and playing cards for trade or swap.
Paul Bostock This website celebrates an iconic design, the standard playing card. Over 800 packs shown in the galleries illustrate the variety and history of standard cards, and are intended as a reference for fellow collectors and admirers of cards.
Peter Endebrock Pages on cards from Hannover, Tax stamps, Playing-card societies, publications, and images of cards from Peter Endebrock’s collection.
Roderick Somerville Dealer in new cards from all over the world. Occasionally he has antique cards to sell. Does mail order, world wide exports, retail and wholesale.Address: Place de la Mairie F-31420 Alan FRANCE Tel: +33 (0)5 61 98 76 61 E-mail:
Steve Shedden
Ivory Graphics Manufacturers of personalised playing cards from 1 pack upwards.
Unit 2, 55 Thorby Avenue
PE15 0AR
Tel: 0800 458 4137 / 01354 656 430