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 Issues 1 – 80 (only issues from 35 are shown here) Price
35 Collecting comments; Military tarock no.36; ‘Unique style’ cards – XP6
36 Political /Propaganda packs; Mardon Son & Hall; Skat politisch; Korean packs
37 Facsimiles/Reproduction packs; Milan exhibition & catalogue
38 Scenic Aces (I); Modern Indian cards (I); Mardon Son & Hall
39 Aces (II); Indian cards (II); Strange packs (I); Austrian Tax-stamps; Ghezzi OUT OF STOCK
40 Hamburg cards; Houlston tarot; King of Clubs; Postage stamps; Strange packs (II)
41 Strange Packs (III); Karuta; Piatnik; Cards on Stamps; Reprints/Replicas
42 Ancestry of English pattern (I); Cards on Stamps; Convention organisation
43 English pattern courts; Cards for pictures; Fortune-telling packs
44 Ancestry (II); Cards on stamps; An Antwerp De la Rue; Hana Funa imports
45 Typography on backs; Edelbacher; Inn-signs; Henault/Haynault Antwerp? 1543?
46 Norwood 85; Transformations; Cards on walls; Berliner Spielkarten; A Queer Pack
47 Signboards of playing-card makers; Unusual Indian pack; Spanish pattern (I)
48 Inn signs; Spanish patterns (II); Classification problems; Gurney Benham
49 Czech mining cards; Transformation cards; The Tarot “World”
50 Poverinos; Storage; Mah Jongg in Deutschland; Minchiate tricks; “Worshipfuls”
51 Whiting facsimiles; 17th century booklets; Worshipful Co.; Storage
52 J.E.Hodgkin; Rothschild cards; Titles of Lenthall packs and others
53 Seasons pattern origins; The other side; Trente et Quarante; XP6
54 All the Bubbles; Tarock Regeln; Transformation cards – review; Seasons forebears
55 Karl Gerich; V&A Catalogue; Off-beat interests; Kille, Gnav, Cuccu
56 Boring Cards; French encyclopaedias; Chinese puzzles; Different interests
57 Czech exhibition; Paris pattern by J.P.Seguin (review)
58 Altenburg Cards & The New Tarot (revision)
59 Czech cards; Tiertarock (review); French Revolution Exhibition; San Marino visited
60 Saarberg packs; The Leinfelden museum; Altenburg Jokers; Sur la piste de Lancelot
61 Turnhout meeting; Skatvergnügen, Stamp Atlas, Tarot Art, Verame – Book reviews; 17th & 18th century addresses
62 Cologne makers and cards; Eroticism on cards and Tarot Encyclopaedia III – reviews; Ukiyo-e Packs; Card backs; Modern Indian cards
63 Finnish Saga; Berliner Question; Black Peter?; Italian patterns; Indian leather cards; Gertrud Kümpel-Amsler’s tarot
64 Hungarian meeting; The English Pattern & “Les Guymier” – reviews; New Chinese Domino cards; Hamburger mystery; Mercante in Fiera
65 Floskaartjes – Not Black Peter; Die Spielkartenfabrik B Dorndorf &Worshipful Company – reviews; Elaine Lewis; Altenburg Collection Burnt?; Chinese Pictorials
66 “The Fracas”; Altenburger Sammlung Verbrannt?; Stuttgarter Kartenspiel, Yale Gazette, Spielkarten in Ungarn, La Baraja Politica Moderna – reviews
67 Munich Convention; Portuguese or German?; Spielkarten aus Asien; Finnish Saga; Portrait de Paris avant 1701, Norske Kortleikar – reviews; Czech collecting
68 Finnish War Games; Portuguese or German?; “Schnatter”; Patience; soc.culture.spain
69 New Playing-Card Museum in Japan; “Hamburgische” Spielkarten; Desert Island Decks (Stuart Lawrence); A Vitoria Barajas, Die Spielkartenfabrik Piatnik in Budapest und ihre Nachfolger (reviews)
70 Yesterday’s Information on Today’s Media; The Belgian/Genoese pattern; “Noord Brabant” pack; Politiek op de Kaarttafel , Josef Maria Melchior Annen (1868 – 1954) , Cartes à Jouer Parisiennes du XVIe Siècle, Eroticism on Playing-Cards, Volume II (reviews)
71 Standard patterns; A Dutch Treat; Jagannath and Gunjappa makers; “Winning Hand” competition; Desert Island Decks (Franco Pratesi); Belasting is Troef (review)
72 Traditionality and Indian Ganjifa; Dutch Re-Treat; British Playing Card Manufacture in the 19th Century , De Spielkaarten collectie van het Belastingmuseum (reviews)
73 Desert Island Decks (Trevor Denning); Who are we?; Playing-cards in Wels – and Linz; Catalogue 2 of Trevor Denning’s Collection of Spanish Playing-Cards (review)
74 Karl Gerich’s Masterpiece; Hooked on Hodges; The games of Brus & La Mattaccia; Animal Crackers; A Collector’s Guide to Playing Cards in Denmark , Die Spielkartenstadt/Skatstadt Altenburg, Goodall & Son’s Playing Cards (reviews)
75 A Danish Discovery; Standards and Non-Standards; Another Maker from “Down Under”; A Bavarian Tragedy; A Rare British Cardmaker; Chinese Pictorials (again!); Das Bayerische Bild , Naipes Bitánicos (reviews)
76 To play or not to play; Evolving Scandinavian design; Portuguese, Italian & Spanish suit signs; Gene Hochman (obituary); Testimoni historic de naipes Comas (review)
77 Reports on Rome, Cartophilia Helvetica and Talon meetings; Mecklenburger Geschichte auf Spielkarten (review); “Cartorama” formed
78 Reports on Vitoria Convention and Bube, Dame, König meeting; Spielkarten: Jugendstil und Art Deco (review); Circuses and Teddy Bears transformation packs
79 Fournier Museum d’Alava; 1993 & 1994 Worshipful packs; Cards found in Assisi; Kaartenmakers in Wallonië (review)
80 Dr. Ernst Ragg, Fred G. Taylor & Jaroslav Šafǎrík (obituaries); Archival storage