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Vol. IX (1980 – 81)

  1. Early Boston makers – Whitney, Crehore & Foord; Early tarots – Copies etc.; German tax-stamps; Viterbesi pattern
  2.  Castello Sforzesco early cards (I); Photographing cards; The Knavery of the Rump
  3. Chess and playing-cards; Ganjifeh and Cards in Iran; Castello Sforzesco early cards (II)
  4. Turnhout’s “Cartes Françaises”; Early 19th cent. Milanese cards; Les Cartes à Jouer (used for labels); Photography of engraved and woodcut cards; Kaiserjass (review); Knavery of the Rump and Castello Sforzesco cards (letters)

Vol. X (1981 – 82)

  1. Jean/Jonas Fouquet; Jobs-Hieronymus-Spielkarte; Sylvia Mann’s “discontinuity thesis” challenged; Classification of “dragon-ace” cards
  2. Modern Japanese wrappers; Collection (a new Tarot game); Defence of discontinuity
  3. Magic cards; Early history of Tarot cards-(printed under a wrong title); Lenthall XII (British) – a new find; Taxation on Tuscan cards, 17th century to Unification
  4. Piedmontese Tarocchi – a Bologna & Belgium link (J.Mcleod); L’histoire des toutes premières cartes en France; Austrian tax-stamps; Early Persian playing-card images; Hyakunin-isshu and Unsun; Hungarian miniature cards

Vol. XI (1982 – 83)

  1. Viterbesi pattern; 16th century Tarot cards; English standard pattern; Tarot Iconography; Carta Mundi family tree; Hohenzollern-Karte; Origin and evolution of cards
  2. American Political playing-cards; Lenthall I (Heraldry) – re-identified; Woodcuts for Erhard Schoen’s pack; Reviews of six publications by Rudolf von Leyden
  3. Lithography Terminology, language problems; Cards of south-east Asia (Chinese suited etc.); Kimberley and miniature playing-cards (a letter)
  4. Kvitlah – a Jewish card-game; Kaiser-Spiel in Switzerland; Silver playing-cards in Brussels; Lithography terminology; Early Dragon Cards

Vol. XII (1983 – 84)

  1. Playing-card artists; De Poli? (Paris pattern courts’ names); Black Peter & other children’s card games; Unsun & Ombre; Das Tarockspiel in der Schweiz; Fragments of 16th century German cards re-united
  2. Combined 64 pp Issue. with N°1
  3. Japanese literature on Unsun; Card tax in the Netherlands; Cary catalogue, De Speelkaart, and Bube, Dame, König (reviews)
  4.  Brussels Cardmakers; Gambling in the Netherlands; Les Débuts et le Développement du Tarot en France (XVIe – XVIIe siècles)

Vol. XIII (1984 – 85)

  1. The History of the Paris pattern; Turnhout card-making techniques
  2. Worshipful Company cards; Preußischen Bild; “Dragon” cards found in Antwerp; Italian card-makers’ backs; Thomas de la Rue – February 1865
  3. XP Patterns and Turnhoutse Speelkaarten; Le Jeu de Cartes (old rules); British cards since 1880; Die Jagdsemmelkarten
  4. Russian playing cards up to 1917; De Poli unmasked; Double-figure French patterns

Vol. XIV (1985 – 86)

  1. Viéville’s & de Hautot’s Tarots; Hot Chocolate and Spanish cards; Three Altenburg playing-card designers; Silver playing-cards; Tarock mit Französischen Farben
  2. Hunting cards; A 15th century Hunting pack (1); De Poli unmasked further ; Kartenspiel mit Eselkopf-Maskerade und Phantasie-Farben (c1540); Gerhard Gossmann
  3. Padovano” playing cards; A 15th century Hunting pack (II); A Spanish translucent pack; The first American cards?; Navagraha (Nine Planets) Ganjifa cards
  4. Echigobana poems; Moxon’s Geographical cards; Camden playing-cards, Matchbox cards of Spain; Les Sujets des figures d’Atout du Tarot de Visconti-Sforza (I)

Vol. XV (1986 – 87)

  1. Mantegna “Tarot”; A rare Steamship deck; Les Sujets des figures d’Atout du Tarot de Visconti-Sforza (II); The oldest Leipzig playing-cards; A Kurofuda card game
  2. Italian cards (Pratesi I); 18th century Japanese card makers; The Anchor sign on German cards; South American Amerindian cards; Collectionner les cartes à jouer
  3. Schweizer Souvenirspiel von C.L.Wüst; Italian cards (Pratesi II); Spanish cards found in 1574; Lakeland playing-cards; Tarot Symbolism – Book review and discussion
  4. L’hombre (I); “Moorish ” sheet of playing cards; Italian cards (Pratesi III)

Vol. XVI (1987 – 88)

  1. 16th cent. Antwerp makers; L’hombre (II), De la Rue 1832 – 1952; Italian cards (Pratesi IV)
  2. The Goldschmidt “Sun”; A.D.Willis – New Zealand card-maker; L’hombre (III); Japan-Australia link; Mumliswil card-makers; Italian cards – comments
  3. “Infirrera” cards; Jass playing in Switzerland; Italian cards (Pratesi V); The Guildhall “Sun”; Distribution of Mekuri cards; Names of French court cards
  4. Cheating in Japan; Basler Fasnachtskarten; 16th century Seville card-backs; Juan Maldonado; Paraphernalia

Vol. XVII (1988 – 89)

  1. Les cartes de Pieter Mefferdt; Bohemian Bulka – Trappola link; Italian cards (Pratesi VI)
  2. Black Peter Again – But Different ; Hungarian Playing-card stamps 1850 – 1950; Tarots featuring animal designs; The Lance and the Fountain: some variant forms of the world; Italian Cards – new discoveries (Pratesi VII); A Card Game on Silver Plates
  3. The Steele Manuscript; Ronciglione: Playing cards of a XIII century Italian state; Spielkarten Uwe Volker Segeth (review); Iconografía de la Barja Española; Were Cards printed in England in the Fifteenth Century?; Ein Joker aus Krakau; Italian Cards (Pratesi VIII)
  4. The Portuguese suit-system; Spanish cards; Silver cards; Italian cards (Pratesi IX)

Vol. XVIII (1989 – 90)

  1. The Goldschmidt Tarots; The earliest Spanish playing-cards; Hungarian Collections (I); English duty evasion; Italian cards (Pratesi X – part I)
  2. Italian Cards (Pratesi X – part II); Hungarian collections (II); Brother Johannes; Peter Meffert; Fynste Java Speelkaarten; News from 1900; Review of the IPCS (I)
  3. Review of the IPCS (II); In the Beginning…; Correspondence – Johannes, Marziano; A Lattmann Sample Book; The Kwitlech Cards of Galician Jews (I)
  4. The Kwitlech Cards of Galician Jews (II); Les Cartes de la Révolution (review); How to Identify Prints (Gascoigne), Old and Curious Playing Cards (Morley) (reviews); Über die Anfänge der Spielkarten im Königreich Polen des XV und XVI Jahrhunderts; Italian Cards – New Discoveries

Vol. XIX (1990 – 91)

  1. John Bernström; Italian cards (Pratesi XII); Pocci’s cards; Lattmann’s factory and products
  2. Udinesi cards; “Archaic” Italian cards; Pochspiel (I); Italian cards (Pratesi XIII – Cucu)
  3. Pochspiel (II); Sammlung Sylvia Mann; Cambio etc. (I); Hungarian collections (III)
  4. Pochspiel (III); Cambio(II); “Archaic” Italian cards – correction; Map cards; The Oxford Guide to Card Games & All Cards on the Table (reviews); Breslau discovery

Vol. XX (1991 – 92)

  1. Evasion of Stamp Duty in 19th century (I); Philippines – Primitive Cards; Das Spiel von Arundhatî und der sieben Rsi; Cambio (III); Cimino family of card-makers
  2. Evasion of Stamp Duty in 19th century (II); F.G.Baumgärtner – Kartenfabrikant des Industrie-Comptoirs Leipzig; Kimberley of Birmingham; Modern Korean cards and Japan
  3. Portraits en Espagne avant 1800; German-suited Children’s packs
  4. Preference in Russia; Ashta Dikapala Ganjifa cards; 15th cent. Spanish cards; Marchioness

Vol. XXI (1992 – 93)

  1. On the Origins of the Woodcut; To Padavano, The Card-Maker, Venice 7th July 1541; New Documents from Palermo; The Tyrol Pattern
  2. Portrait de Rouen No 2 ou portrait anglais?; Culture in 18th Century England; The Aonikenk Playing-Cards; Paper and Printing in Europe (Correspondence); Early American Joker
  3. Dauphiné Cards; Spielkarten (review); A.D. Willis; Playing-Cards in Venice in the early 1800s; Chartarius Martinus Skorupka, Cards of 1595 & the Silesian Cards of 1547
  4. Zwickauer Spielkarten…; Altdeutsche Spielkarten 1500 – 1650 (review); Portraits en Espagne (suite); Florentine Cardmakers and Concession Holders (1477 – 1751)

Vol. XXII (1993 – 94)

  1.  Johann Lucas versus Daniel Pueschel; G. Gluck – Card Manufacturer at Liège, 1857; Wüst Connections; Dutch Regional Costumes depicted on Playing-Cards
  2. Chaqui and Partui; Single-Figure Saxon Pattern; One of Wüst’s American Connections; Trumf På Hand (review); Der Gestohlene Rosen-König Von 1462
  3. Aleas commutare …’; Tressett in Russia; Playing Cards in Sweden; Owcy Glowa
  4. ot issued.

Vol. XXIII (1994 – 95)

  1. La bassette, entre règlementation et répression; A New Set of Aonikenk Playing-Cards; Dr. Helmut Rosenfeld (obituary); Playing Cards found in Lincoln’s Inn; Latin Suit Systems; Il Mondo E L’Angelo; How cards were made in Padua in 1664
  2. The ‘Money’ Pack and a Gambling Game of the Hakka; Un inventaire de ‘moules’ de cartier en 1701; An old Danish manufacturer of Playing-Cards; Pier Leone Ghezzi
  3. Essai de généalogie de portrait de Paris; From Innsbruck to Venice: A Pattern’s Trip; A Russian Woodcut; Cards by Jehan Faucil; Les Loix du Jeu
  4. Spanish’ Cards made in Belgium; Sylvia Mann: a Remembrance and an Appreciation; über das Sächsische Doppelbild; The Aztecs and Playing-Cards in 16th Century Mexico