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Vol. I (1972 – 73) (reprinted 1978 – 80)

  1. Lenthall’s Broadsheet; Rimington-Wilson sale 1971; Glanz’s “Military Tarot” – available online
  2. Fortune-telling cards (I); Classification & Terminology; The Rosenwald tarots; French suited Austrian pattern; Lenthall I (Heraldry); Mamluk playing cards.
  3. Boiardo’s Tarocchi; Lenthall II (“Winstanley”); Icelandic chess cards; Fortune-telling cards (II); Terminology; Spanish National pattern
  4. Rowley’s cards; History of Piatnik; Fortune-telling cards (III); Lenthall III (“Armada”); Terminology; Seasons pattern (I)

Vol. II (1973 – 74) (issues 1 and 2 reprinted 1976 – 77)

  1. Kimberley’s cards; Lenthall IV (Map/”Morden”); Hungarian card-makers; Cicognara; Classification & Terminology; Seasons pattern (II)
  2. Indian cards (I); Mamluk cards (review); Lenthall V (Astronomical); The Knave (I)
  3. The Order of Tarot Trumps (I); Lenthal VII (Mathematical Cards); The Spielkarten Museum, Altenburg; The Knave (II); Memory Cards; The PLaying Cards of India (II); Reviews: Reprint of Horr and Jessel bibliographies, The Dragons of Portugal, The Playing Card (Hoffmann)
  4. The Cary Collection; Tarot Cards – Market Analysis; Lenthall VI (Geographical Cards); The English Pattern; The Paris Pattern in Exile; The order of Tarot Trumps (II)

Vol. III (1974 – 75)

  1. The Moxon Family; Exhibition in Vienna; The Paris Pattern Progeny; The Sopron / Oedenberg Pattern; Sicilian Tarocchi; Latin suit-system
  2. The Playing-Cards of Iceland (I); The Spanish Captain; Playing-Cards and Money; The Playing-Cards of Vital Berthin; Standard Pattern F200 (XP8); Card Games: Their Rules and History; The Royal Masonic Playing-Cards; Lenthall VIII (Geometrical Cards); Thoughts on the Albertina Exhibition
  3. The Prussian Pattern; Jass; Suit-Signs of Indian Playing-Cards; The Playing-Cards of Iceland (II); Review: Ettinghausen – Further Comments on Mamluk Playing-Cards
  4. When the Fighting Stopped; Printing Methods in Playing-Card Manufacture; Two Tarot Studies Related (I); The Playing-Cards of Iceland (III); Hachi-Hachi; 18th and 19th Century Cardmakers in Hungary; Lenthall IX (Cosmographical Cards)

Vol. IV (1975 – 76)

  1. The History of Playing-Cards in Belgium (I); In Search of Cards; The Playing-Cards of Iceland (IV); Cego; Two Tarot Studies Related (II); The Neapolitan Pattern
  2. The 1975 IPCS Convention at Leinfelden; Deutsches Spielkarten Museum Leinfelden; The History of Playing-Cards in Belgium (II); The Visconti-Sforza Cards in the Cary Collection; Correspondence: Palermo fresco correction; Makers of Playing-Cards in the Netherlands; Pattern Numbers
  3. German suited hunting cards and single-figure cards of the Prussian pattern; At Barbara and the Tower; Notes on the Germanisches Museum, Nuremberg; Lenthall X (Cookery and Pastry); Book reviews (Beal: Playing Cards and their Story; Cavendish: The Tarot); The History of Playing-Cards in Belgium (III); The Spanish origins of the modern Sarde pack; The Numismatica Sale; Another Sale of a Different Era.
  4. The Fool in the Tarot; Ulti; Style and the Spanish Pattern; The Design of the Standard Playing-Card; Lenthall XI (Carving Cards); Naipes Españoles (review)

Vol. V (1976 – 77)

  1. The exhibition in Amsterdam; Lenthall XII (British); A Roman Pattern?; Book Review (François: Histoire de la Carte à); Jouer; Style and the Spanish Pattern; Tibetan and Mongol Playing-Cards; In Tudor Times.
  2. Annual General Meeting, Oxford; History of the Deutsches Spielkarten Museum; Lenthall XIII (Historiographical); Romania today; A further note on Thomas Tuttell; More about Cicognara; Standard patterns: Prager Doppel Deutsche
  3. Classification by Numbers; Spanish Court Cards; Note on the second Viennese Playing-Card Auction; Sioux Indian Playing-Cards; Jeux publicitaires des Editions J.C. Dusserre; Rosenfeld: Zur Geschichte der Spielkarten (review); Boris Mandrovsky (obituary); Lenthall XIV (Grammatical) (I)
  4. Bertarelli Collection; Kongresskarte; Reversis; Lenthall XIV (Grammatical) (II); Hofämterspiel; Translucent cards; Turnhout Playing cards (reviews)

Vol. VI (1977 – 78)

  1. Trappola; Redating the Lenthall Broadside; Lenthall XV (Arithmetical); Aurelia Games Index (review)
  2. Reconstructed English Courts of c.1605; Lenthall XVI (Proverb); Reformbestrebung Spielkartenmacher nach 1871 (I); Cartes à Jouer et Caricatures Politiques
  3. The Naksha game of Bishnupur; German Tax Stamps after 1878; L’Aluette ou le Jeu de la Vache (Borvo) (review); Das Kartenspiel des Oberdeutscher Stechers (review); Reformbetrebung Spielkartenmacher nach 1871 (II); Lenthall XVIII (Delightful); Classification Committee progress report
  4. Lombardy Tax-stamps; Jos Amman’s Influence (I); Tressette rules; Chartæ Lusoriæ Juridicæ (Murner’s cards – in German)

Vol. VII (1978 – 79)

  1. The Influence of Amman on Card Design; Lenthall XVIII (Fortune Telling); Nouveaux Jeux Publicitaires et à Vocation Publicitaire des Editions J.C.Dusserre; Chaucer and Playing-Cards; Shakespearian Playing-Cards; The Encyclopedia of Tarot (Kaplan) (review)
  2.  Classification of Spanish Playing-Cards; Schafkopf rules; Lenthall XIX (Frost Fair); Revisionary Note (Indian Cards); A Political Pack of 1902-5; An Exhibition and Meeting in Vught, Holland; Comments on “German Tax Stamps after 1878”; A Handful of History (book review)
  3. The 1978 Convention in Zürich; Playing-Card Manufacture in the Schaffhausen Area; Introduction of Playing-Cards into Spanish America; A Present from Douglas (Isle of Man); History of Playing-Cards – an anniversary; Lenthall XX (Instructive); Correspondence – Playing Cards Improved; Die Spanische Herkunft der Spielkarte (review)
  4. In Search of Standard Patterns; Legal Tender; The Encyclopedia of Tarot (Kaplan) (review); Tarot Cards (Wowk) (review); Collecting English Playing-Cards (review); Lenthall XXI (Royal); Correspondence – Edward IV

Vol. VIII (1979 – 80)

  1. Saxon patterns; Cartiers en Suisse romande; Lenthall XXII (Forest)
  2.  Naqsh & Ganjifa cards; The Paris pattern Progeny (XP patterns) (I); Lenthall XXIII (Pastime); Earliest English reference
  3. The Paris pattern Progeny (II); Modern Chinese card-games; The Ace in early German-suited packs; History of A.S.S.; Lenthall XXIV (Love)
  4. The Society’s aims; Oberrhein and Switzerland in the development in playing-cards; Playing-cards in Denmark; Viterbesi pattern.