From 2020 onwards a live auction will be a regular event at the annual IPCS convention.

All members are invited to submit interesting playing cards and related items for this auction. Antique, scarce and unusual items will be the most interesting for bidders, but please take into account that our members are looking for these items in good condition. Modern designer decks as limited editions are also popular. Items can be submitted at any time during the coming year.

The IPCS will charge the seller 10% of the selling price to cover costs, but there will be no further charges involved. It will be possible to set a reserve price but prices must be kept at a realistic level. There will always be an opportunity to view all the lots before the auction begins.

The auction will be managed by Jean Darquenne, Joop Muller and Paul Symons, with the help of Martin Shaw.

Offering packs for auction

If you would like to enter some items for the auction then please send by email a list of decks (showing the name, maker, date, number of cards, condition, references and your estimated price) together with some good scans, photos or photocopies to: Jean Darquenne:

You may also suggest a reserve price if necessary but please keep it as low as possible to attract bidders. Previous auctions show that lots with too high a reserve price will probably not sell and therefore may not be accepted for auction.

The submitted cards will then be reviewed by the committee for acceptance to the auction. Members will be notified by email as to which cards have been accepted.  The decks can then preferably be sent to us by registered mail before the Convention, or can otherwise be handed in at the start of the convention.

We may also accept items for auction during registration at the convention but we cannot guarantee this as we will not have much time to prepare the auction. We therefore urge you to submit your items by email as requested above. Please read the full auction rules below. If you have any questions about the auction you can contact one of the auction committee members by email.

Full Auction rules

  1. Lots can be submitted by sending, preferably by email, a clear scan, photo or photocopy of the item, full description and minimum or reserve price (if deemed necessary) to: Jean Darquenne:
  2. Accepted items can be sent, in advance, by (registered) mail to:
    Jean Darquenne, Bergstraße 2, 56814 Ediger-Eller, Germany.
  3. The auction committee has the right to refuse submitted lots if they do not consider them suitable for auction or the reserve is too high.
  4. Where deemed necessary the auction committee may advise the vendor as to the minimum value and reserve price of the submitted lot.
  5. The condition of the submitted items, including any damage or missing cards, must be clearly indicated.
  6. All lots can be viewed before the start of the auction.
  7. Purchased items cannot be returned. Buyers must be aware of the auction rules and have the opportunity to view the lots before the auction.
  8. Lots may only be submitted by IPCS members and their direct family.
  9. The seller will be charged 10% of the price realised to cover the costs of the auction and to help finance the Convention.
  10. Lots must be collected and paid for directly after the auction.
    1. Payment will generally only be accepted in cash – euros, or pounds sterling if the Convention is in the UK. No credit cards, cheques or other type of payment will be accepted.

    2. Only after full payment will the lot become the property of the buyer.

    1. IPCS members may enter lots into the auction at their own risk. The IPCS does not have any insurance for the lots to be auctioned. However, the auction committee will take the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of the submitted items.

    1. Accepted items can be sent by (registered) mail to the auction committee before the Convention at their owner’s own risk. The auction committee is not responsible for items lost in the post. Very high value items or very large items can be handed in to the committee at the start of the Convention if agreed beforehand.

    1. All payments must be made immediately after the auction. Sellers will receive payment as soon as this has been done. Payment for lots sold, submitted by members not attending the Convention, can only be made by PayPal or to a European bank account with an IBAN/BIC code.

    2. Lots will be sold to the highest bidder. Bidding will be done in Euro’s (or in pounds sterling in the UK).

We urge members to submit some interesting items for the auction which will hopefully make for an exciting event during the Convention. Don’t forget, serious collectors are prepared to pay good prices for scarce and interesting playing cards.

Donations of playing cards for auction will also be gratefully accepted.

All funds raised will go to the International Playing Card Society.

The success of the auction depends on your contributions, so please help us make it an unforgettable event.

The IPCS Auction Committee: