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Playing Cards Depicting Maps of the British Isles, and of English and Welsh Counties (one of the Map Collectors’ Series published by the Map Collectors’ Circle) – Sylvia Mann & David Kingsley. 1972 OUT OF STOCK
The Dragons of Portugal – Sylvia Mann & Virginia Wayland. 1973 OUT OF STOCK
The Papers of Leinfelden: 136pp. (in three parts). Beham’s cards; Berlin cardmakers; XP patterns; Oriental cards; Swiss cards; Japanese cards; The Social History of Cards – 1975 Convention Supplement to Vol. IV. English and German texts OUT OF STOCK
Convention 1995 Conference Proceedings: given 15-17 September, 1995, London, English and German texts, 90 pp. (Printed Images to Play With; Conservation of Playing-Cards; WCPCM collection; Suit Marks & Heraldic Signs; Iconography of the Tarot; Goodall’s Playing-Cards; War, Politics and Propaganda; Milestones in French Patterns) English and German texts OUT OF STOCK
Spanish Playing-Cards by Trevor Denning, 1980; 95 pp. 80 illustrations £10.00 £14.00
IPCS Papers No.1 by Antal Janoska. Card Makers in Hungary 18th – 20th Century. 1992 £5.00 £8.00
IPCS Papers No.2 by Wolfgang Suma. 500 Jahre Leipziger Spielkarten. 1994 £8.00 £14.00
IPCS Papers No.3 by John Berry. Taxation on Playing-Cards in England from 1711 to 1960. 93 pp. including 28 pages of illustrations. 2001 £10.00 £14.00
IPCS Papers No.4 by Thierry Depaulis. Cartes et Cartiers dans les Anciens Etats de Savoie 1400-1860 [ Playing Cards and Cardmakers in the former Savoy States 1400 – 1860 ] French text with English summary. Illustrated throughout. 2006 OUT OF STOCK
IPCS Papers No.5 by Nicola Antonio De Giorgio. Le carte da gioco nel Regno di Napoli (1734-1860) / Playing-Cards in the Kingdom of Naples (1734-1860). 137 pages, Italian and English text, illustrated. 2009 £10.00 £14.00
IPCS Papers No.6 by Jeff Hopewell. Ganjifa – the traditional playing-cards of India. 88 pages. Illustrated in colour throughout. 2010 £10.00 £14.00
IPCS Papers No.7 by Franco Pratesi. Playing-card trade in 15th-century Florence. with a foreword by Thierry Depaulis. 116 pages, English text, illustrated. 2012 £10.00 £14.00
IPCS Papers No.8 by Wolfgang Altfahrt. Makers of playing-cards in Prague (Bohemia) from the 16th century to 1918. 122 pages, English text, illustrated. 2016 £10.00 £14.00
Antique Playing Cards: A Pictorial Treasury. Henry René D’Allemagne, selected and arranged by Carol Belanger Grafton, Dover Publications, Inc., 1996. Reproduced from over 90 decks shown in a rare French 2-volume  history of playing-cards, nearly 600 images in black-and-white and 325 in colour depict a veriety of wonderful themes. 1996 OUT OF STOCK
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