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Playing Cards Depicting Maps of the British Isles, and of English and Welsh Counties (one of the Map Collectors’ Series published by the Map Collectors’ Circle) – Sylvia Mann & David Kingsley. 1972
The Dragons of Portugal – Sylvia Mann & Virginia Wayland. 1973
The Papers of Leinfelden: 136pp. (in three parts). Beham’s cards; Berlin cardmakers; XP patterns; Oriental cards; Swiss cards; Japanese cards; The Social History of Cards – 1975 Convention Supplement to Vol. IV. English and German texts
Convention 1995 Conference Proceedings: given 15-17 September, 1995, London, English and German texts, 90 pp. (Printed Images to Play With; Conservation of Playing-Cards; WCPCM collection; Suit Marks & Heraldic Signs; Iconography of the Tarot; Goodall’s Playing-Cards; War, Politics and Propaganda; Milestones in French Patterns) English and German texts
Spanish Playing-Cards by Trevor Denning, 1980; 95 A4 pp. 80 illustrations £5.00 £9.00
IPCS Papers No.1 by Antal Janoska. Card Makers in Hungary 18th – 20th Century. 1992 £5.00 £8.00
IPCS Papers No.2 by Wolfgang Suma. 500 Jahre Leipziger Spielkarten. 1994 £8.00 £14.00
IPCS Papers No.3 by John Berry. Taxation on Playing-Cards in England from 1711 to 1960. 93 pp. including 28 pages of illustrations. 2001 £10.00 £14.00
IPCS Papers No.4 by Thierry Depaulis. Cartes et Cartiers dans les Anciens Etats de Savoie 1400-1860 [ Playing Cards and Cardmakers in the former Savoy States 1400 – 1860 ] French text with English summary. Illustrated throughout. 2006
IPCS Papers No.5 by Nicola Antonio De Giorgio. Le carte da gioco nel Regno di Napoli (1734-1860) / Playing-Cards in the Kingdom of Naples (1734-1860). 137 pages, Italian and English text, illustrated. 2009 £10.00 £14.00
IPCS Papers No.6 by Jeff Hopewell. Ganjifa – the traditional playing-cards of India. 88 pages. Illustrated in colour throughout. 2010 £10.00 £14.00
IPCS Papers No.7 by Franco Pratesi. Playing-card trade in 15th-century Florence. with a foreword by Thierry Depaulis. 116 pages, English text, illustrated. 2012 £10.00 £14.00
IPCS Papers No.8 by Wolfgang Altfahrt. Makers of playing-cards in Prague (Bohemia) from the 16th century to 1918. 122 A5 pages, English text, illustrated. 2016 £10.00 (digital £4) £14.00 (digital £6)
IPCS Papers No.9 by Thierry Depaulis. The Cardmakers of Alsace 1441-1870. His work serves as an invaluable resource for scholars, enthusiasts, and anyone fascinated by the captivating stories woven into the history of playing card makers in this region. 200 A4 pages, English text, numerous colour illustrations. 2024. £14.00 (digital £6) £19.00 (digital £9)
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