2024 Convention - Vienna

Jointly run by
Talon - BubeDameKönig - IPCS

This year we shall be joining Talon and BubeDameKönig in a joint annual convention in Vienna from Thursday the 26th of September to Sunday the 29th of September 2024.

Our hosts, Talon, have put together an interesting and exciting programme. Venues for the events in the programme will include Hotel Wimberger and the playing card and games factory of the firm of Piatnik, which this year celebrates the 200th anniversary of its founding. Further details will be given in the booking form included with the next issue of The Playing-Card.

The annual convention organisers have provided details of the following hotels, though members wishing to attend the annual convention are, of course, free to find alternative accommodation via their preferred hotel booking websites:

• Hotel Wimberger (https://wimberger.arcotel.com/de/), the convention hotel.

• Hotel Stadthalle, (https://www.hotelstadthalle.at)
– 1 stop by Tramway or 12 minutes’ walk from Hotel Wimberger

Call for Papers

Papers about playing cards and related subjects will be presented by members of Talon, BubeDameKönig, and the IPCS.

IPCS members who would like to present a paper at the joint annual convention are invited to contact both John Williamson and Wolfgang Altfahrt by sending them each an email to jwlwilliamson@hotmail.com and waltf@gmx.at respectively by 31st March 2024 and providing them with a short summary of their paper.

Ideally, papers take about thirty minutes to present and are best accompanied by illustrations. Papers should be in English or German. Laptop, projector and screen will be provided by the organisers

Auction Announcement

The 2024 annual convention, to be held from 26-29 September in Vienna, will include a live auction.

Members are invited to submit interesting playing cards and related items for this auction.

Antique, scarce and unusual items in good condition will be the most interesting for bidders.

This year we will be more selective when choosing items for auction. We would like to sell  more items of quality, which will hopefully be appreciated by bidders and increase the proceeds for the Society and sellers.

The IPCS will keep back 10% of the selling price to cover costs, but there will be no further charges involved.

It will be possible to set a reserve price but prices must be kept at a realistic level.

There will be an opportunity to view all the lots before the auction begins.

The auction will be managed by experts Jean Darquenne, Joop Muller & Paul Symons.

Offering packs for auction

If you would like to enter some items for the auction then please send by email as soon as possible a list of packs with a full description (showing the name, maker, date, number of cards, condition, references and your estimated price) together with some good scans or photos to one of the following:

Jean Darquenne (email: cartorama@cartorama.de),
Paul Symons (email:paul@symons.nl),
Joop Muller (email: jopo@dxpo-playingcards.com).

You may also suggest a reserve price if necessary. Please keep it as low as possible to attract bidders.

You can start submitting items now. It will take some time to review items, so don’t wait until the last minute.

The submitted cards will then be reviewed by the auction committee for acceptance to the auction.
Members will be notified by email which cards have been accepted to the auction.

Preferably, chosen items can then be sent by post, by prior arrangement, to one of the auction team as soon as possible before the convention on September 26th.

Alternatively, items can be handed in at the convention if agreed by the auction team.

Donations will also be gratefully accepted.

The rules (see https://www.i-p-c-s.org/wp/live-auction/) are the same as previous years butthe most important ones are:

  • · the seller pays 10% commission to the IPCS on every sold item;
  • · everything will be sold in euros;
  • · payment in cash immediately after the auction;
  • · lots must be collected immediately after the auction.


Note to buyers: No buyer’s premium will be charged and successful bidders will pay the hammer price only.

We look forward to a good & fun auction in Vienna.

Don’t forget to bring some cash.

The Auction Committee