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Note: From here onwards The Playing-Card and Playing-Card World were combined and issued as The Playing-Card six times a year.

Vol. XXIV (1995 – 96)

  1. Sigmundt Beck’s Playing-Cards in the Czech National Museum; Casino from Nowhere to Vaguely Everywhere; Giocatori di Carte in Inediti Affreschi Lombardi del ‘400
  2.  Le Coucou en France; IPCS London Convention; Portrait de Paris after World War II; Laurence Alt (obituary)
  3. Brag in Literature and Life 1; Italian-suited Cards: The Trentine Pattern; The Swedish Connection of the Spielkartenfabrik von C. L. Wüst 1811 – 1927; Los Naipes de Cadiz (review)
  4.  Brag in Literature and Life 2; Kultur und Kunstgeschichte der Spielkarte (review); Liuk Fu, Cháng Pái and Other East Asian Trick-Taking Games; Playing-Cards as Lining for Drawers
  5. Playing-Cards in Lucca; The Playing-Card Workshops of Sawantwadi; Bombay or Vienna?; Should we perpetuate errors?; Playing-Cards Made by Johann Ziser, Prague
  6. Two Spanish Designs Adapted for French Use; “Troeven”: the Simplest Game of Trumps; The Last Days of Indian Playing-Cards?; The History of the Spielkartenfabrik von Georg Martin Neumann; 66-Card Tarock in the Tyrol; Women of the Golden Dawn: Rebels and Priestesses (review); The Storage and Display of Playing-Cards

Vol. XXV (1996 – 97)

  1. Russian Card Games and Their Literature; Stukeley-Type Playing-Cards in Prague; The Manuscript of Johannes; “Beautiful Bath” pack by Karl Gerich; I Tarocchi Siciliani (review); The Triumphs of Hermes and Wisdom 1; Games of Eleusis, Crowley and Maze
  2. Triumphs of Hermes and Wisdom 2; The Playing-Card Factory of C. L. Wüst: a Chronology; Games of Styrivolt, Vorms and Cicera; (more on) Stukeley Cards in the Prague Museum; Tarocke (review); Schach und Karten – und Schachkarten
  3. Report on Convention at Kecskemét; The Later Pattern for Sicilian Tarots; Report of first Norwegian Playing-Card Society Meeting; Note sur les “cartes debassette”; Games of Shoot Pontoon and Don; Naqsh in the Nineteenth Century; The “Curse of Scotland”?
  4. Documents on Playing-Cards in Piedmont, part 1; Il Castro di Issogne; “Climbing” Games; Two Ten Seven Character Cards in Hsian; Triumphs of Hermes and Wisdom 3
  5. Documents on Playing-Cards in Piedmont, part 2; First Reference to Jass; Games of Cotecchio and Trappola; Triumphs of Hermes and Wisdom 4; The Wooden Playing-Cards of the Mongols; The Playing-Cards of Spain (review); Minor British Playing-Card Makers of the Nineteenth Century Volume 1 (review); Playing-Cards in Urbino – a Discovery
  6. La Virtú in Giocco 1; Le Livre Belote, Histoire du Bridge, Kartenspiele in Familien – und Freundeskreis, Doppelkopf, Ujabb 21 kártyajátek és még 12 pasziánsz (reviews); (yet more on) Stukeley Cards in the Prague Museum; A Wicked Pack of Cards (review); Minor British Playing-Card Makers of the Nineteenth Century Volume 2 (review); Counties of England (review); Erneute Betrachtungen zu einem erloschenen Standardbild mit deutschen Farben; The Conception of Ancestors to Tarot Games

Vol. XXVI (1997 – 98)

  1. The Game of Three Chrysanthemums; Preference in Russia; Le Portrait d’Aluette Tramezal et Marais; Games: Partners, Allies and Looking for Friends; La Virtú in Giocco 2
  2. Orpelli e Naipi; A Greenlandic Descendant of Karnöffel; Game of Trappola; Bhavnagar State Historical Cards; La Virtú in Giocco 3
  3. Card Playing and Playing-Cards; Es mus es algo más, Perfectionez seul votre tarot, Kortspelshandboken, Das grosse Buch der Kartenspiele, Schweizer Jass-führer, Forty Fives, Juegos de cartas, Szórakoztató kártyajátékok kézikönyve (reviews); Report on Convention in Trieste and Venice; Bolognese Tarocchino: “Sequenza” Cards; Wüst’s Swiss Connections; Some notes on the Bhavnagar Cards; Storing and Displaying Playing-Cards; Albanian Card Games: a Recent Tradition
  4. Norskeforening for Spillkortsamlere; Beating Off the Attack; The Trumps on the Casa Rella Frescoes; Twenty Years of Cartophilia Helvetica; Die Kartenmacherfamilie Backofen in Nürnberg, The Art of Tarot (reviews); Profile of Han Janssen; News from Altenburg
  5. The “Very Costly Game” of Zwicken; Playing the Game: Playing with numbers; The Regensburg pattern; New Issues; IPCS Millennium Project; Pattern Sheet Editor; A Short History of Playing-Cards in the United States; Letter to the Editor (T. Denning); Visit to a new UK Playing-Card Maker
  6. Editorial; Millennium Deck; Society News; From the Secretary’s Desk; Miscellany (Blocks used to print card hands, Playing-card electronic mailing list, Frequently Asked Questions); Book Reviews (A Magyar Kártya/Die Ungarishce Karte), Auctions and Lists; Publications Roundup; Playing the Game: Notes on fishing; New Issues; Other Issues; Ein Netzwerk von Bildern; Stýrivoltur, the Karnöffel of the Faroes, part 1; The Game of Faro

Vol. XXVII (1998 – 99)

  1. Editorial and result of Modiano Prize 1998; Talon/BDK Meeting 1998; Ravensburger Games takes over Berliner Spielkarten; Notes and Queries (Playing cards to keep fit, Internet news, Names of English court card patterns, Happy Families, Early British playing-cards); Publications Roundup; Book Reviews (London Livery Company Apprenticeship Registers, Volume 12: Makers of Playing Cards’ company 1675 – 1760, Saddlers’ Company 1657 – 1666, Tobacco Pipemakers’ Company 1800, Tarrokk Album, Games We Play. History of J.W. Spear & Sons, Minor British Playing Card Makers of the Nineteenth Century. Volume 4. James English & Compnay; Peerless Card Company); Playing the Game: Black kings in Greenland and Black Maria in Finland; New Issues; An Unusual Hindu pack of cards; ; Stýrivoltur, the Karnöffel of the Faroes, part 2
  2. George Beal: an Appreciation; Letter to the Editor (R. Lancaster); Notes and Queries (Internet News, New Cards for Old, Casino Telephone Card, Name of the Game in Chinese, Frequently Asked Questions); Book Reviews (“Welli & Co” Spielkarten aus Alt-Tirol 1750 – 1900. Sonderheft zu Talon No. 7, Tarot Cards and the Millennium – the Story of Who’s on the Cards and Why); Playing the Game: Cards in Russian prisons; New Issues; A pack not made by Hunt; In Search of Tarot Sources: part 1; A visit to Sawantwadi
  3. Editorial; Rendez-vous at Issy, 23 – 25 October; Klaus Reisinger’s response to receiving the Modiano Prize 1998; Notes and Queries (Internet news, Plea for information, Second-hand Cards, Exhibition of “Seducing Cards” at Turnhout); Publications Roundup; Book Reviews (Kártyafestõk Magyarországon / Kartenmaler in Ungarn / Card Makers in Ungarn, Igorny Dom [The Gambling House], New Playing Card Figures by Academic Sharleman, I Giochi di Carta / Card Games, Playing cards & Card Games on British Cigarette Cards – a Checklist and Anglo-American Playing Cards on Overseas Cigarette Cards – a Checklist (provisional)); Playing the Game: Recent books; Playing-Card Ephemera; New Issues; Bubble Cards and Prints; In Search of Tarot Sources: part 2
  4. Address from our President; Notes and Queries (Staff to leaf transformation in English cards, The American Game Collectors’ Association, Royal Geographical Whist, Further notes on the playing-cards of Sawantwadi, Internet news, Casino playing-cards, Michael Dummett, Vanity Fair); Publications Roundup; Playing the Game: Zwickern; New Issues; William Montagu’s Geographical Pack of 1793; Huchot and other card game illustrators; Perilous times of 19th century playing-card makers in London; La prima edizione di Chitarrella
  5. Editorial; IPCS convention 24 – 26 September Wroclaw; The index on-line; Notes and Queries (Standcraft Janus pack, Black Cat cigarette playing-cards, Thackeray’s connections with cards, Rudolf von Leyden, Ganjifa exhibition, Leicester, De La Rue’s early Ace of spades, Miniature cards, Quartet CD-ROM, Society news, Dates in 18th century England and “Bubble Cards”); Book Reviews (British Patents, Design of and Games with Playing-Cards); Playing the Game: Quitlok; Number symbolism and the tarot trumps; Playing cards in Bermuda; New Issues; Los Impuestos Sobre los Naipes en los Reinos de España, entraga 1; The ‘Nine Worthies’ and French cards
  6. Editorial; Notes and Queries (German area representative, Belgian mystery pack, AG Müller now owned by Carta Mundi, Turnhout museum closes for refurbishment, Questions for the 3rd millennium, part 1, “Cries and Humours of London” completed, …and now wash your hands, Internet news, Exhibition at Albemarle Gallery, London); Publications Roundup; Playing the Game: king-ten-five or ace-ten-five; New Issues; SK329858; “MADE FROM PW” – ein handgemachtes Internationales Bild; Los Impuestos Sobre los Naipes en los Reinos de España, entraga 2; Stubai Valley Droggn and Dobbm – two living fossils of the Austrian card game landscape, part I

Vol. XXVIII (1999 – 2000)

  1. Editorial; BDK/Talon meeting in Goslar; Letters to the Editor (W. Suma, J. Taylor, T. Denning); Notes and Queries (Belgian mystery pack, Early editions of Waite/Colman Smith’s tarot deck, Accolade for Issy-les-Moulineaux museum, Tarot exhibition at Turnhout, L’ACCART strikes back, More on second-hand cards, Questions for the 3rd millennium, part 2, Internet news); Publications Roundup; Book Reviews (Cartiers Parisiens du XIXe Siècle, The catalogue of Happy Family Games. Promotional Packs); Playing the Game: Swiss games and more relatives of Rook; New Issues; SK329858 (reprinted with corrections); Nouvelle Étymologie du terme tarock/tarot; The return of Bridge to its homeland; Stubai Valley Droggn and Dobbm – two living fossils of the Austrian card game landscape, part II; Phillip Otto Runge’s first playing-cards
  2. Editorial; Modiano Prize winner 1999; IPCS British Group meeting in Leicester; Notes and Queries (Political allegiances and Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee Cards, French-suited 60-card decks, Cheating in South African casinos, Questions for the 3rd millennium, part 3, Tarot studies, 18th century advertisement for playing-cards, Bicycle playing-cards in Canada, Playing-card manufacture in Germany in the 1880s, Internet news); Publications Roundup; Book Reviews (Spielkarten, volumes 6 – 9, Michaela Klinkow:Spielkartenmakulatur, Schweizer Spielkarten 1. Die Anfänge im 15. Und 16. Jahrhundert); New Issues; Playing the Game: more 66-card tarot games; The manufacturing process of French-suited playing-caards befoe 1800; Taking the ‘waters of Ambert’ too literally a very early advertising deck; French suits and English names; A new card design from China; Stubai Valley Droggn and Dobbm – two living fossils of the Austrian card game landscape, part III
  3. Editorial; Trevor Denning – Honorary Fellow; Fournier’s giant pack at Guildhall Library; 1999 IPCS Convention, Wroclaw, Poland; Letter to the Editor (T. Denning); Notes and Queries (Deck or Pack?, Woodpecker Press, Death of L.M.C. Fradera, Exhibition at Guildhall Library, London, La recoupe – new cards for old?, Belgian mystery pack – still a mystery, Cartorama catalogue XXV, ACCART meeting November, Wroclaw convention, Internet news); Book Reviews (Museo “Fournier” de Naipes de Alava Catalogo Tomo IV, Spielkarten aus der Sammlung Schultz, TAROCKE: Kulturgeschichte auf Kartenbildern. Band 6); Publications Roundup; Playing the Game: Recent books; De La Rue’s first playing-cards; New Issues; I Trionfi di Marziano; La première mention de la Scopa; Golden Patience – A new pack of cards from Moehsnang
  4. Editorial; Victor Ferro Torrelles on the award of the 1999 Modiano Prize; The early history of the IPCS; Letters to the Editor (P. Wood, R. Lancaster); Notes and Queries (Talon/BDK meeting Vienna, Links to IPCS members’ home pages, De La Rue’s first playing-cards – the ugly queens, First European museum website, Benetton Foundation awards for games research, Mystery pack); New Issues; Musical composition with playing-cards; Book Review (Spielkarten aus Goslar); Publications Roundup; Playing the Game: exploring the boundaries; Bony, une fabrique de cartes à jouer et papiers peints à Lunéville (1836 – 1941); The ‘Maacher Kulturhuef’; Facsimile of a prisoner’s hand-made cards from the Grini concentration camp, Norway
  5. Editorial; IPCS Millennium pack; Letters to the Editor (M. Dummett, J. McLeod); Les amis du Kulturhuef; Notes and Queries (Call for papers for 2000 convention, Advantages of card playing, Mystery deck fully revealed, Connaissez-vous ce jeu du ‘Happy Families’?, Holding hands – the fanning of a hand of cards, Ray Hartz – an obituary, Corrections to early history of the IPCS, Internet news); New Issues; Publications Roundup; Book Reviews (The catalogue of Happy Family Games, Part One and Part Two); Playing-cards and Medley prints; Extra Zwanglose Karte; The 2000 Convention – further information; Playing the Game: Swazi Casino; Two Portugal Insurrection packs
  6. Preliminary Convention 2000 schedule; Notes and Queries (Carta Mundi’s millennium mystery, Hands up! Fanning of a hand of cards, French promotional Happy Families pack, Isle of Man Souvenir Cards, Dealt a precious hand, Internet news); New Issues; Playing the Game: Jass games – a survey; A 19th century Kurnol Dashavatara ganjifa pack; Publications Roundup; Rock Brothers and Payne – a Victorian stationer and playing-card maker; Playing-cards from Goslar; Grevjass, a modern Faroese pointer to the Jass of Czar Peter I;

Vol. XXIX (2000 – 2001)

  1. BDK/Talon meeting 2000
    Playing the Game: the survival of Hombre; Klabberjaß im Alten Land bei Hamburg
    L’Inquisition, le Monopole et les Cartiers en Espagne au XVIe Siècle
    Cracow playing-card manufacturers in modern Times
    A Phoenix Arises
  2. The competitions for the back design of the Worshipful Company of Makers of Playing Cards presentation packs
    An introduction to playing-cards from the Czech lands
    Dates of packs on Lenthall’s List
    Playing the Game: the other Napoleon
  3. Report on Joint IPCS/52 Plus Joker Convention
    Playing the Game: Recent books
    Playing-cards of Malta
    The Printing of Playing-Cards
    The late Ming game of Ma Diao
  4. John McLeod on receiving the Modiano prize
    Playing the Game: Tarokk in Hungary
    A 19th Century Glossary of Playing-Card Terms
    Rocks in the Landscape (cards of Jean Vérame)
    A Response to the *tuman Problem
    Wolfgang Suma: a Personal Reminiscence
  5. Playing the Game: All Fours and its Descendants
    Argentinian Playing-Cards: Part 1 Art and Politics
    Playing Cards on Book Plates
    William Warter’s “Proverbial Cards”
  6. Playing the Game: CUAJO: a Chinese Game with Spanish Cards
    Bid Whist
    Portraits en Espagne avant 1800: Le Portrait de Valence
    The Origin of the first English Joker

Vol. 30 (2001 – 2002)

  1. Playing the Game: Rules, Conventions and Customs
    Maimonides – A Trace of Playing-Cards in the 12th Century
    Maltese Dragon Cards
    Playing Cards of Canada
    Stewart Lawrence: An Appreciation
  2. Playing the Game: Oochlee – A Game from Northern Syria
    Dilys Henrik Jones: An Appreciation
    German Flower Quartet games
    Hodges’ Artful Dodges
    Tarocchino Bolognese: Due Nuovi Manoscritti Scoperti: Parte 1
  3. Argentinian Playing-Cards: Part 2 Gaucho and Other Cards
    Playing-Cards of the Chitrashala Press: Part 1
    Mamluk Problems
    19th Century Images of Chinese card Players
  4. Playing The Game: Tarock in Romania
    Cards of the Chitrashala Press: Part 2
    Martin Le Franc et les Tarots Visconti
    Tarocchino Bolognese: Due Nuovi Manoscritti Scoperti: Parte 2
  5. A Rare 1909 American Russian Political Pack
    An Early mention of Playing-Cards in Australia
    Portraits Standard en Turquie au XIXe Siècle
  6. Playing the Game: Recent Books
    Computer Images of Playing-Cards
    Ernesto Flaiban: Playing Card Manufacturer of Buenos Aires
    Playing-Cards in Brazil
    Playing-Cards of the 1893 Chicago World Fair

Vol. 31 (2002 – 2003)

  1. Playing the Game: Tulip Growers’ Pandoeren
    How Little Do We Know?
    De La Rue’s Stick Business in Surrey
    The Wheelers: A Family of Card makers and Card Forgers?
    Tûmân, or the 10,000 Cups of the Mamlûk Cards
  2. Playing the Game: Indian Jass games
    Amends to Athanasius Kircher
    The Extended Dasavatara Packs of Orissa
    The ‘Yezi Pu’ (Manual of Leaves)
  3.  Playing the Game: More Indian Jass Games
    Der Fürst und der Kartenspiel: Piquet-Regeln (um 1620)
    Heraclio Fournier: Note on the Manufacture of Playing-Cards
    The Map Cards of William Redmayne c.1676
  4. Playing the Game: Which Whist
    Alf Cooke: Printer and Maker of Playing-Cards
    Lenthall vs Redmayne et al
    Les Cartes de Marseille au Mexique au Début du XVIIIe Siècle
    The Heraldic Crosses on the 2000 Worshipful Company’s Pack
  5. Playing the Game: More Whist and comments on Tuppi
    Chinese Money Suited Cards
    L.P. Holmblad – Danish playing-Card Maker: The Tarok Packs
    Pan Zhiheng’s ‘Xu Yezi Pu’ Part 1
    Tuppi: Lapland’s National Game
  6. Playing the Game: Card Games in Iran
    A Pack for the Prague 1908 Jubilee Exhibition
    Pan Zhiheng’s ‘Xu Yezi Pu’ (Sequel to a Manual of Leaves) Part 2
    Playing-cards of the Cuming Museum

Vol. 32 (2003 – 2004)

  1. Playing the Game: Owl or Eagle? The Uhu in Austrian Tarock
    Modern techniques of scientific Analysis of Playing-Cards
    Playing-cards of Latvia
    Royalty on Danish Playing-cards
  2. Playing the Game: Golf
    Cartomancy in Bologna
    First Steps of Bridge in the West: Collinson’s ‘Biritch’
    Playing-cards for the Afterlife
    Playing Cards of the Cuming Museum: The European Cards
  3. Playing the Game: Tournament Report
    A Propaganda Deck for the Siege of Leningrad
    AGM AGMüller: 175 Years of Playing-Card Manufacture
    Three Chiki Games
  4. Playing the Game: Partition Games
    Back to the Roots of a Modern Flower Deck
    Playing-Cards of Estonia
    Mahjong(g) before Mahjong(g): Part 1
    Where Do the Virtues Go
  5. Playing the Game: Invention and Evolution
    A 19th Century Hand-painted French-Suited Pack from Oglewadi
    A New Playing-Card Factory in the Netherlands
    Des “cartes communément appelées taraux” 1ère Partie
    Mahjong(g) before Mahjong(g): Part 2
  6. Playing the Game: Brelan in Belgium
    A 19th Century Czech Nationalistic pack by Emanuel Neumann
    Des “cartes communément appelées taraux” 2ème Partie
    On the Origin of Styles: Taxonomy of the English Pattern
    Playing-Cards and the Olympic Games
    The Tarot Myth