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Note: From here onwards The Playing-Card is issued four times a year.

Vol. 33 (2004 – 2005)

  1. Playing the Game: Tarocco Ticinese
    48-Card Packs in Italy
    Goodall’s Royal Masonic Playing Cards
    Entre tarot et jeux de cour: une carte à jouer italienne
    Marziano da Tortona’s Tractus de deificatione sexdecim heroum Part 1
  2. Playing the Game: The Benelux Games of Trumps
    An Enigmatic Betrothal on Lucas van Leyden’s Painting The Card Reader
    Henry Druitt Phillips
    Marziano da Tortona’s Tractus de deificatione sexdecim heroum Part 2
    Rummy Mahjong – Playing Cards on Tiles
    Taxes on Playing Cards in Argentina
    The Sicilian Trumps
  3. The Sicilian Trumps
    Playing Cards of the Great exhibition in London, 1851
    American Indian Playing-Cards of French and English Derivation
    Maltese Playing Card makers 1684-1750
    Whist-Regeln in Kontinentaleuropa bis 1800
  4. Playing the Game: Schnellen, Hucklebuck & Donut
    A Playing Card Discovery in Schongau (Bavaria)
    Augustus Wollaston Franks
    Brief Sketch of the History of Tarot Cards
    Kakkuri: The Last Yomi Game of Japan
    Lady Charlotte Schreiber: Card Collector Extraordinary
    The Holmblad Playing Card Patterns
    Worshipful Company of maker’s of Playing Cards 1887 Ladies Pack

Vol. 34 (2005-2006)

  1.  The Talon/BDK Meeting 2005
    An Early 20th Century Pack of French Suited Cards by Narayan Ramachandra Kelkar
    Early Cardmakers in Scotland
    The Early Waite-Smith Tarot Editions
    A Severe Penalty for Forgery of the Ace of Spades
    A Survey of Russian Playing-Card Publications
    Carte da gioco del ‘700 nella Cappella Sistina
    The 1890 Worshipful Company Pack for the Summer Ladies Dinner
    Non-Standard De La Rue Packs for King Christian X of Denmark
    De La Rue & Co. London and Paris Decks
    Playing the Game: Kaiser, Joffre and the Lost Heir
  2. IPCS Turnhout Convention report
    The ASESCOIN 2005 meeting
    Playing Cards and Tarots in Naples, 15th-18th Centuries
    A Czech National Revival Pack c. 1890 engraved by Karel Hoffman
    Gambling in Malta under the Order of St. John
    A Pack by Grimaud for the Liner France
    Playing the Game: Canasta Relatives – Games with Feet
  3. In Memoriam Klaus Reisinger 1941 – 2006
    The 14th Century and the Introduction of Playing Cards into Europe
    Owen Jones (1809 – 1874): Architect, Decorative Artist & Designer of Playing Cards
    A Discovery of 16th Century Playing-Cards
    Early Documents on Playing Cards in Mantua; William Taunton and the Game of Zetema
    Playing the Game: Truc, Vitou and Aluette
    A Pack made by a Napoleonic Prisoner-of-War
  4. Obituary: Lorna Collett
    A Czech Hussite Pack
    C. L. Wüst and the Theilungs-Recess
    Die “quarten” aus dem Hennegau
    Hallazgos de barajas antiguas españolas
    John Kirk – An 18th Century Card Maker
    Mahjong(g), before and after Mahjong(g)
    When We Were Very Young
    Playing the Game: Literature and Joffre cards

Vol. 35 (2006 – 2007)

  1. Playing the Game: Truf
    Collecting Australian Playing Cards
    The Emergence of the Tulip on Playing and Oracle Cards
    Mahjong(g) before and after Mahjong(g): Part 2
    I Tarocchi della Collezione Rothschild al Louvre: Nuove Proposte di Lettura
    Komi and Nakash – Two gambling games of Orissa
  2. Playing the Game: Scharwenzel
    From Schongau to St Petersburg
    Very Old Wrappers
    Playing cards and Tax Stamps form Czechoslovakia
    Did Card Makers Always Make Their Own Cards
  3. Playing the Game: Twenty Two
    Embarrassing Tiles: Mahjong and the Taipings
    Early Cards of Bordeaux
    Some Remarks on the Relationship between Church and Card Games
  4. Playing the Game: Chinese games, Big Three and Fight the Landlord
    Some Remarks on the Relationship between Church and Card Games Part 2
    The Hunting pack made by Mihály Zichy
    Rabouge – History, Rules, Cards
    The Origins of Euchre
    Le Prince à la Table de Jeu

Vol. 36 (2007-2008)

  1. Playing-card Backs
    The Stralsund Single-faced Pattern
    Early Italian Lists of Tarot Trumps
    Giovanni del Ponte and the dating of the Rothschild cards in the Louvre: some further considerations
    Seven Bridge
    Playing the Game: Compendium Games
  2. Report from Ravenna
    Recognizing a Nineteenth-Century Apache Playing Card Artist: The Tonto Naipero
    Bhavnagar State Historical Cards: New Finds
    Du piquet au whist: les marqueurs de jeu de cartes entre France et Grande-Bretagne
    Cards and Card-Playing in Muscovite Russia
    Playing the Game: Italian Games and Recent Books
  3. Latvian wartime playing-cards
    French suited tarot decks in Denmark and the Jacob Holmblad Animal tarot
    A Pair of Transformation Packs
    Playing Cards in Rome – 15th- 17th Centuries
    Playing the Game: Five-player Dasavatartas from West Bengal
  4. Undescribed Standard Patterns
    Crouds in the Streets, Meetings at the Tables
    Black Peter – a Brigand?
    Playing-cards by Academician Sharleman
    A Sequel to Max Ruh’s “Playing-Card Backs”
    Array Rummy Game
    Playing the Game: Card games with layouts

Vol. 37 (2008-2009)

  1. Arundhati and Saptarishis (Seven Sages)
    Flowers and Kings: A Hypothesis of their Function in Early Ma Que
    Playing Cards: Uses and Abuses
    Storing and Cataloguing a Small Playing Card Collection
    Page One
    Marked Playing Cards
    Playing the Game: Modern Skruuvi
  2. Entre farsa et barzelletta: jeux de cartes italiens autour 1500
    Quartet Games and their History
    The Devil and the Two of Hearts
    Playing the Game: Troggu in Visperterminen
  3. Back to Card Backs: Rosart’s Tarotées
    Gabriel Shire Tregear and “The March of Intellect” Card Game
    The Fennell series of Irish Heroic & Historic Playing Cards
    Printing Methods used in the Manufacture of Playing-cards
    Was there a “Portrait de Nice”?
    Maldivian card games: rules, language and history
    Playing the Game: Dai Fugô
  4. Aspects of Self Playing-Cards
    Joker Collecting and Manufacturers
    Dasamahavidyas – the Ten Mahavidyas
    Three Centuries of Playing-cards in the Netherlands 1600 – 1900
    Roomse Constitutie Kaarten – fallible for losers, infallible for winners.
    Playing the Game: Tarock News

Vol. 38 (2009-2010)

  1. Members Only Area of Web Site
    New Issues on the Web
    Le portrait de Pampelune
    Miniature Cards from the 19th Century
    From the Symbolism of Wings to the Symbolism of Tarot Cards
    Taxes on Playing-Cards in the Republic of San Marino
    Playing the Game: Indian games – double tricks and collecting tens
  2. Obituary: Trevor Denning
    October in Toronto
    Playing the Game: Iberian Triumphs Worldwide
    The magion Experience in Italy, A mahjong District in (Emilia) Romagna
    The Proto-historiography of Playing Cards:
    Early Hypotheses and Beliefs About the Origins of Cards and Card Games in Europe
    Cartographic and Map Playing Cards 1590-1798
  3. In Memoriam Bob Haleber
    Dutch Scenic Aces
    Domino Cards
    Classifying Non-standard Playing Cards
    A Century with the Waite-Smith Tarot (and all the others …)
  4. Dawson’s Game: Blackjack and the Klondike
    Port Books
    Collecting Playing-cards in China
    Chamundeshwari Chad
    Two fifteenth-century Italian cards
    Playing the Game: Minchiate

Vol. 39 (2010-2011)

  1. Playing the Game: Origin of Königrufen
    Portugal Playing Card Tax – Imposto do cartas de jogar
    El Juego de naypes of Fernando de la Torre – A Fifteenth-Century Spanish Card Game
  2. Report from the Convencaò de Lisboa
    When (and how) did Tarot reach Germany
    Playing-card Taxes in Uruguay
    The story behind a simple receipt
    La marque dans la famille des jeux hollandais de bel-bruyten
    Court figures in pre-standardized France
  3. Playing the Game: Race Games with Playing-Cards
    Twelve-suited 144 Cards Gul aur Bulbul Ganjifa,
    Expanded Form of 96 cards Moghul Ganjifa from Banganapalle
    Desert Island Games
    A transition, a problem and more on Llewellyn
    Tokens for Whist, Part I: Hoyle’s Method of Scoring and other Whist Counters
  4. Playing the Game: The Influence of Magic
    Tokens for Whist Part II: From Simple to Quadruple
    Winning Hearts and Minds: The Theory Behind the Playing-Card Backs Designed by Owen Jones
    A Note on the History of Cuccù
    The Soldier´s Prayerbook gave rise to a press-law suit in 1779

Vol. 40 (2011-2012)

  1. Playing the Game: Marimba… without mallets
    From ‘britch’ to ‘bridge’: early French accounts of the 1880’s and 1890’s
    Two trompe-l’oeils with playing-cards
    Russian Playing Card History – From the Beginnings to 1917
  2. Report from the Convention in Malmö
    Playing the Game: Playing cards and Chess
    Playing Cards in the Danish Church
    World War I and card playing as shown on forces’ postcards
    The Ungers: A 19th century playing-card making family in Győr, Hungary
  3. Obituary Prof. Sir Michael Dummett
    Playing the Game: Tarocchi with Table Talk – The 62-card Game in Piedicavallo
    The IPCS – Forty Years Ago
    Felix Solesio at Home
    Fake English cards and a note on Ludlow’s Knights aces
    Playing Card Containers
    I primi giochi di carte nella repubblica fiorentina
  4. Playing the Game: Polish Taroki
    On types, patterns and standards
    A return visit to the Cuming Museum
    Fancy Conjuring Playing Cards: A New Collecting Fashion?
    Imprimait-on des cartes à jouer à Ferrare en 1436 ?

Vol. 41 (2012-2013)

  1. A Journey to the German Colonies
    Criterial characteristics and the development of American court cards from 1820-60
    From Cards to Tiles: The Origin of Mahjong(g)’s Earliest Suit Names
  2. Report from the 2012 Convention
    Playing the Game: Chinese Patience
    In Search of Tarot Sources – After Fifteen Years
    Un “Padovano” cartaro accusato di frode
    A Response to Walter Haas
    The Playing Card in Perpignan, from the 14th to the 19th Century
    Restoration of playing cards
  3. Playing the Game: From Begging to Pitching
    Cards and Cards: Early References to Playing Cards in England
    Milanese playing card drawings in the British Museum
    More English influences on major US court designs
    Royal Finery on Playing Cards
    Beer Steins
  4. Playing the Game: Austrian Calling Games
    À mi-chemin entre Venise et Florence : le Chariot ferrarais du Musée français de la carte à jouer
    Playing cards at Strangers’ Hall, Norwich
    A kind of answer to Ken Lodge
    The Rwandan appropriation of a Portuguese game: amaturufu and ibigurasha

Vol. 42 (2013-2014)

  1. Obituary Prof. Dr. Detlef Hoffmann
    Playing the Game: Minimal Card Games: Kop and Baśka
    1691 Scottish Peers’ Heraldic Playing Cards
    The Tarot de Marseille – Facts and Fallacies. Part I
    Walter Scharff – the Fate of an Unorthodox Maker of Playing Cards
  2. Playing the Game: Getaway: the Punjabi Inflation Game
    Illustrated backs of cards made in Milan
    Realism in European cards
    The Tarot de Marseille – Facts and Fallacies. Part II
    Oppenheimer & Sulzbacher, Vereinigte Kunstanstalten Senkeisen (vSk) and Carl Schaller
  3. Obituaries: George Beal and Max Ruh
    Playing the Game: Reversed Card Fireworks
    Imported cards in 19th century Britain
    I tarocchi nel Regno Sabaudo dal 1815 all’Unità d’Italia (1)
    Identifying a Maker Using Stencil Patterns
  4. Playing the Game: Varieties of Cucumber
    Hudson Industries – an Australian playing card maker
    The Stag Rider from the So-called “Tarot of Alessandro Sforza” at the Museo Civico di Castello Ursino of Catania
    I tarocchi nel Regno Sabaudo dal 1815 all’Unità d’Italia (2)

Vol. 43 (2014-2015)

  1. Playing the Game: Card Games on Poster Stamps
    News from Austria’s Past (1): Playing-card Makers in Agram
    A fascinating find at Haddon Hall
    Paying by card before plastic was invented
    An analysis of wood-block characteristics
  2. Obituary Eddie Cass
    The Berlin Convention 2014
    A sniff of salt for a quarter of a playing card
    Comments to the article “Playing the Game: Card games on poster stamps”
    Whitaker, Steer, Willis & Perry: a tale of suit signs and number cards
    Poker cards – Deviations from the Standard
  3. Playing the Game: Climbing and Throwing Eggs
    Playing cards with added value
    Un marqueur de tressette ? (ou “La Constance l’emporte”…)
    News from Austria’s Past (2): Aloys Hofmann, a Viennese cardmaker
    Nineteenth Century Duplicate Whist Playing Card Holders
  4. Playing the Game: Gnav in Germany
    Vintage Movie Star Playing Cards from Brazil
    Dating and its associated problems
    Four Russian Playing-card Packs
    Otto Spalinger – an artist and his playing-cards
    Hoyle abroad, II: Hoyle in French
    News from Austria’s Past (3): Constantin Kaulitzy, a cardmaker in Neusatz

Vol. 44 (2015-2016)

  1. A presentation of the Gallica database (the BnF’s digital library) and its playing-card contents
    From Italy to France and back again
    Origin of Tarots – the Avignon Hypothesis
    The Fall and Rise of Thomas Woolley & the Decline and Fall of Creswick
    News from Austria’s Past (4): The playing-card maker Carl Hofer (Hoffer)
    1499-1506: Firenze – Nuove informazioni sulle carte fiorentine
  2. The 2015 IPCS Convention in Turnhout
    Early French court figures and the regional portraits
    Iraqi Most Wanted
    The Tarock of the Skat inventors, Part 1: Grosstarock Redefined
  3. Obituary Marie-Claude Atger-Ravel
    1377: Firenze – Condanne ai giocatori di naibi
    The Tarock of the Skat inventors, Part 2: The Weimar Classics and a Ludemic View on Tarock, Hombre, and Skat
    Shipwreck in Alderney, a Pack with a Story
    News from Austria’s Past (5): Makers of Playing-Cards in Cheb/Eger (Bohemia). Part 1: 16th – 17th centuries
    ‘Trionfi alla franciosa finiti e non finiti’ – Le tarot en France avant 1500
    Playing-card taxes in New Zealand
  4. Obituaries Karl Gerich, Tom Dawson
    Playing the Game: ǂXànúsìas played by the Ju|’hoansi in |Xae|xae, Botswana
    New Insights into the So-called Alessandro Sforza Deck
    A Lisbon Find
    News from Austria’s Past (6): A strange Austrian Tarot
    Early French court figures and the regional portraits (continued)

Vol. 45 (2016-2017)

  1. Obituaries: Alberto Milano, Ivo de Cock, Thomas Zeuner
    Playing the Game: Perlaggen – the first UNESCO recognised card game
    ‘Arts on Cards’ – Part One: Portraits
    The pros and cons of eBay
    News from Austria’s Past (7): Makers of Playing-Cards in Cheb/Eger (Bohemia) – Part 2: 18th – 19th centuries
  2. Obituaries: Werner Seyffertitz, Franz Braun, Helmut Feindura
    Playing the Game: Trip to Austria – Tarock, Yaks and Ladinisch
    Joseph Hunt revisited and the development of the wood-block designs
    Why do we have labels and what do they tell us? The case of Dondorf’s Birma-Karte
    Double Bohemian Cards – a nearly unknown standard
    ‘Arts on Cards’ – Part Two: Landscapes
  3. Obituaries (K. Frank Jensen, Adrienne Gurr)
    Playing the Game: Fishing in 18th-century Yorkshire
    Early Dragons
    News from Austria’s Past (8): The Playing Card Factory C. Titze & Schinkay in Vienna
    Trappola was invented by Trapolin
    ‘Arts on Cards’ – Part Three: Animals (I)
    Hidden treasures in the Musée du Petit Palais, Paris
  4. Playing-cards found in a historic clock at The Royal Observatory, Greenwich The ESSO – DKW Encounter
    Gibbon’ Swiss Playing Cards
    An intriguing find
    ‘Arts on Cards’ – Part Four: Animals (II)
    The Tarock of the Skat Inventors, Part III. Whither Tarock Hombre? The Berliner Spielalmanach series and a Copyright Case in Berlin, early 19th Century

Vol. 46 (2017-2018)

  1. The Future of the IPCS
    Obituaries Dudley Ollis, Major ‘Donald’ Welsh
    An undiscovered Kashmiri ganjifa at Knebworth House
    News from Austria’s Past (9): The strange afterlife of the Viennese playing card maker Leopold Keim
  2. The Rise and Demise of the Pierre Steinmann Card-Factory in Copenhagen, 1798-1824
    The Orfeo Conundrum
    An Uncommon Má Jiàng Pattern from Fujian?
    An Atthalin Transformation pack enhanced with hand-written verse
  3. Results of the IPCS Members Survey
    The Henry Hart puzzle
    Tarots et autres cartes du XVe siècle exposés en 1880 à Turin
    A new home for the former United States Playing Card Company collection
    Show Me Your Card and Let Me Know Who You Are
    News from Austria’s Past (10): Online Catalogues of two Viennese Museum Collections
  4. No. 4