I found in Facebook, maybe in the “Playing Card Collectors Club” page run by Gejus van Diggele, a short notification about the Cryptic playing cards. I soon discovered the term “Cryptic” comes from the amazing cryptic camouflage found in moths. In 2016, 250 people were convinced by those curiously camouflaged cards that this project was successfully funded. The English artist Immy Smith is also a scientist with a PhD on bioscience (www.immysmith.com). Her works are inspired by biological patterns & specimens. She started to paint moths camouflaged on printed pages, tickets and at last on standard poker playing cards. Of course, all cards are illustrated and there are four different jokers. To have a better look at the exquisite artworks, a A5 booklet has also been produced. This is a signed, numbered and limited edition of 250 with extra illustrations. The packs of cards have been printed by Carta Mundi UK. They are now for sale in an Etsy shop (www.etsy.com/uk/shop/ImmySmithArt) and the price is a little bit more than € 18 for one pack. The booklet is sold at the same price and uncut sheets are sold a little bit more than € 30.

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